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"Tactical" refers the mindset needed to both learn, teach and apply personal defense.

Certification Procedures

We have developed a training protocol that lays out out our entire curriculum into four Units and Phases. Candidates have an opportunity to learn each Unit and Phase through private training or specialized seminars. Each Phase includes Theory, Concepts, Practical Application Drills, and Written and Physical Testing. Upon the completion and passing of an entire Unit or Phase as a Practitioner, there is an opportunity to apply as Training Group Leader or for Instructor level Certification.
Our certification program will make the process of teaching and training quicker and easier, while assuring that each person that becomes an instructor is fully capable and knowledgeable of all material. You can be assured that if someone is a certified in the arts and science as taught by the Tactical Jeet Kune Do Association, they have been tested thoroughly and held to the highest standards. Our certification programs include rigorous training and testing with Master Instructors. We offer private training, seminars and a yearly instructors workshop.
*** Each candidate must also comply with all administrative rules of the association.


Tactical JKD is broken up into specialized training modules that utilize a stepped progression. They include the following:
Tactical Defense Methods
Survival Combatives
Rapid Assault Tactics
Impact and Edged Weapons
Personal Weapons Training
Integrated Control Tactics
Ground Combatives &Defense
Functional Strength Training (FST)
Handgun Combatives

Our system is used by the United States Special Forces, Military, Marines, Rangers, F.B.I, D.E.A, C.I.A, S.W.A.T. Teams, and with over 50 police Departments in the U.S and abroad.

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