Law Enforcement Baton Tactics: Our training method focuses on defensive tactics with impact weapons such as the baton. Our instruction will improve your timing, distance and footwork as well as other vital skills in order to enhance the way you use your impact weapons. After understanding and applying these concepts, your capability of holding back multiple opponents until back up arrives becomes a reality. Our training will give you the tools needed to defend yourself and neutralize a subject in any situation.

Personal Weapons Training: This module deals with a variety of weapons and situations you may encounter while on duty. By utilizing our core concepts you will be capable of dealing with any weapon at any time. Here we focus closely on attribute development.

The skills needed for personal weapons training cannot be honed solely with empty hand and close quarter techniques. This is why we utilize a variety of training methods and concepts that deal with weapon retention, mass attack (multiple opponents), knifes, sticks, as well as improvised weapons. Foundational and practical weapon training is essential in today’s society, where seven out of ten fights involve the use of a weapon.