Functional Strength Training // Body weight, Kettlebells, and Indian Club Training

We feel functional strength training to be of the utmost importance when it come to your day to day work and functional daily habits. Often times fitness crazes will preach their effectiveness or functional benefits when infact they lead to improper mechanics that neglect flexibility and natural motion. These types of workouts create overuse injuries and undo stresses to the body.

We have taken our 30 plus years of martial arts and fitness experience and have created a Functional Strength Training protocol that allows anyone – beginner or athlete can benefit with.

  • Proper breathing and breath control
  • Strength exercises for muscular development and endurance
  • Mobility exercises for warmup, pre-hab and natural motion
  • Indian Club training for core and¬†functional¬†applications
  • Bodyweight and Stability Ball training
  • Dynamic Tension applications