safety and security

Provide a safe environment for your employees and enable them with the skills needed for personal protection

Empower your employees with proper training

Corporate Training
Our corporate training and seminars provide employers and organizations with the opportunity to educate their employees and staff. Our training not only empowers individuals with self defense skills but it also teaches the situational awareness attributes that are often needed in a specific field of employment. Training is custom tailored for the specific requirements and variables that each job entails.

These tactics ensure a rapid response using gross motor skills and basic awareness skills to give you the best chance of survival in a time of crisis. The curriculum was designed specifically to be learned in a short amount of time.  Gain confidence in yourself and in your abilities as you learn to protect yourself.

We specialize in the following Industries: Hospital/Occupational Health Care Personnel, Social Work & Case Management Specialists, Teachers and Education Providers, Bartenders & Servers, Real Estate Safety


We have specialized curriculum for each of the following:
  • Health Care Industry
    • Social Work & Case Management Specialists
    • Emergency Management
    • Nurses and Medical Staff
  • Education Providers
    • School Security
    • Classroom/Teacher Safety
    • Active Shooter Preparedness
  • Corporate Wellness Programs
    • Workplace Safety & Self Defense
    • Occupational Safety & Proper Lifting
  • Real Estate Safety & Property Management
    • Risk Reduction & Self Defense
    • Security Planning & Management
    • Environmental Awareness
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