protect yourself and your loved ones

Our Curriculum focuses on practical and intelligent self defense for real world applications

Self Defense is a Life Skill, learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones

Civilian Private or Group Training We offer a variety of training options for adults who want to prepare themselves for modern day's violent real world encounters. This training is specifically tailored for civilians and professional adults who need information and training that exceeds what traditional martial art schools can offer.

Our goal is to equip our students with the necessary tools to survive an altercation at close range. We place emphasis on the full range of self defense, which includes concepts and techniques for striking, weapons and ground defense.

Most importantly our teaching accommodates individuals with a variety of experience and fitness levels and teaches them efficient lifesaving techniques that are easy to learn, remember and replicate. This enables individuals of any size, strength or athletic ability to quickly learn. This makes our curriculum a perfect fit for all ages including women, men and children.  


Reality Based training, delivered using our progressive methodology.
Our curriculum covers:
  • Close Quarters and Hand to Hand Striking
  • Impact and Edged Weapons Application and Defense
  • Defensive Grappling
  • Concealed Carry Application for Handguns & Edged Weapons
  • Handgun Combatives
  • Deadly Force Reaction Drills
  • Legal Rights and Responsibilities
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